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Round The Corner
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Le site de la méthode d'anglais Bordas pour le collège
deco Pour l'élève
deco Stage 1: My neighbour is American!    

deco Who am I? Find the name. Listen and tick.

deco Numbers. Find the correct number. Listen and tick.

deco Nationalities. Match flags and nationalities.



deco Stage 2: Back to school    

deco Clothes. Listen and choose.

deco Sounds of English. Listen and find the odd one.

deco Hangman: clothes



deco Stage 3: Fish and Chips    

deco Time for lunch. Match them up.

deco Where is the stress?

deco Ring me up! Listen and choose.



deco Stage 4: Music on the Stones    

deco Can you play the guitar? Can I do it?

deco Find the sport. Can you find the sport?

deco Simple maths. Find the equivalent.



deco Stage 5: What a party!    

deco Sounds of English. Listen and find the odd one.

deco Where are they? Look and drag them to the right place.

deco Hangman: jobs



deco Stage 6: Time is Money!    

deco The right verb.

deco Sounds of English.Find the sound.

deco What a mess! Make sentences.



deco Stage 7: Upstairs and Downstairs!    

deco Home, sweet home. Find the room.

deco Sounds of English. Find the same sound.

deco Find the right solution.



deco Stage 8: My friend Skippy    

deco Drag and drop.

deco Listen and find the odd one.

deco Read these sentences.



deco Stage 9: Usual and unusual pets    

deco Hangman: animals